Your Rank as an Army Commander depends on how effective you are on the battlefield. You gradually level up your rank by completing Quests. In order to complete Quests You have to be in control of the military unit by using the avatar combat device To accomplish the Quest

Quests are small mission. when you complete them you will be rewarded by a higher rank and new military units which are more powerful than the ones that you already had. 

Your Experience will increase when the battle is won. But if you get defeated, surrender, or close Inheritors 2078 you will lose Experience.if you achieve a lot of victories respectively you might appear on the Top 10 Leaderboard.

We appreciate your strength on the battlefield. We observe your military achievements in every battle. so we decided to create a list of the Top 10 players in Inheritors 2078. You will be rated on the Leaderboard according to your experience

Commander Collections: You can choose your favorite character as a commander, And change the camouflage of your army, and color code.
Note: It will be wise if you choose the camouflage which is related to the map.

Custom Army: You must be aware while choosing your army units because it’s one of the keys to victory. You must carefully organize your army. And examine your unit capabilities carefully.