Command and Fight
The battle outcome is in your hands, either alone (singleplayer) or with other comrades (multiplayer) you have to defend your main base and secure all resources, and avoid exhausting your reserve forces. To guarantee victory, you first have to destroy the enemy’s (Territory Control Center) and replace them with yours which are necessary for having revenue of resources. After capturing all territories, the enemy’s main base shield will go down allowing you to strike and destroy them for good.

Hybrid Gameplay
Yes, You can build your own army but you will not fight with your own body. Instead, through devices that gives you control over your robotic army units described as follows:

Strategy Drone Device
This device allows you to build and control your entire army from the sky. By calling up space ships from the mother ship in outer space. Depending on your offensive or defensive plan, build your army and form combat groups as you wish. order them to move or defend or attack.
Warning: commander drones can be seen by the enemy army and destroyed instantly. Be careful where are you flying.

Avatar Control Device:
This device allows you to control any unit within your army. You actually control it from his point of view, and in this case, his AI is dismissed enabling movement and attack as you wish. You also have the ability to send orders (move, defend, attack) to your other army units. When you enter this device, you will see all the units of your army, and when you point at each one, you will see their position on the map, and then you will decide who is best to fight with.
Warning: Do not overestimate the losses of your army personnel. It affects your reserve forces, and then you lose the battle.

Base Defensive Device:
When the enemy reaches your main base, the base will be an easy target. If you want the electronic shield back. You must have at least one (Territory Control Center).
NOTE: (Territory Control Center) is the only way of supporting the base shield. When all centers are lost, it endangers the main base.