Inheritors 2078 combines real-time strategy with Third-person shooter elements, The game takes place in the near future where AI helped in reaching super-advanced technologies humans used in almost every aspect of life including advanced weaponry, space travel, and colonization of nearby planets, However, The AI machines had another idea in mind, they have become extremely intelligent that they no longer find humans important and decide to dominate the world resulting in a huge clash with humans throughout the solar system.

And it is now up to you and all the other human commanders to take up arms and lead the human union in fierce battles throughout the galaxy to push the robotic army that was once enslaved by humans, become an RTS commander and help prepare defenses and attack plans or directly control any army unit in a third-person shooter style, or if you prefer to become one of the enemies, you have your choice.

Key Features

  • Two Armies Choose to play with either the human’s army or the robotic army (Rotex), where each side has its own tactics and special units.

  • Command Control an air drone to produce structures give orders, scout the enemy attacks, and lead your team to victory as an RTS commander.

  • Avatar Posses any unit on the battlefield and uses it to its full power in a third-person shooter style.

  • Leaderboards Show off your skills to everyone by scoring in the top list of the leaderboards.

  • Skins and Unlocks Gain new powerful units as you rank up and add them to your arsenal and unlock new unique skins and cosmetics.

Your victory depends on your mental capabilities
not your firepower. This is not just a game for parade and excitement. It’s a war simulation that is very likely to happen with the current evolution of artificial intelligence in the military field. The power of destructive fire can never be the main reason for victory. However, depends on your cunning and strategic deception.

Human intelligence VS machine intelligence
Inheritors2078 predicts only a fraction of the AI’s potential capabilities in warfare. We’re keeping a statistic of war casualties and victories for each player in a public leaderboard. In the end, it will be clear who is the real Inheritor.