Where are the (Territory Control Station)s kept?
You’re not in control of the GCCS (Global Command And Control System), the GCCS are in the hive in outer space. Sent only when your control of the Resource Zone (sector) is complete and secure. 

The resource zone (Sectors) is a huge mine deep underground that automatically extracts (Resource Packet) and sends them to the war factories and CS (Commander Ship). That landed on it from space. And this mine will only work for your army through the GCC. So factories manufacture the military units for your army and land on the battlefield. The resource zone also provides additional numbers for the security forces. This allows you to create additional military units in your army.

Resource Packet contain materials and energy. which is the currency used in battel. it’s used in building military units through the war factories, and can also upgrade your war factories in order to increase the efficiency of the military units, and can be claimed by sectors, and it’s also used to call Defenders.

Territory forces When you’re in control of the Sector. The army headquarters allows you to increase the production of military forces on the battlefield. And if your sector gets controlled by the other army your territory forces will return to usual. securing the highest amount of sectors will guaranty your victory.

War Factories they can produce military units if you have enough Resource Packet and Territory Forces. You can upgrade the military factory to make soldiers, armored vehicles, or aircraft that have higher combat quality. You can upgrade the war factory up to 10 times, Each time you upgrade the war factory it costs Resource Packet. There are five types of war factories described down below:

  • Military factory for soldiers.
  • Light Armor Factory.
  • Heavy Armour Factory.
  • Air Force Factory.
  • War Launcher Factory. (Coming soon)

Defenders are considered to have a significant effect on protecting the controlled sectors. You can also navigate through them by the Avatar Combat Device. the level of the Defenders are given by the GCCS.